Special Deals

AFMWorkshop offers a complete line of atomic force microscopes for education, research and industry. Our microscopes have the highest performance to price ratio available. Regardless we do have special deals that make our products even more affordable. Our special offers are:

  • New Professors – Starting a laboratory is one of the greatest challenges a profession can encounter. With a limited amount of funds, new professors must establish a lab, train students, and start publishing papers. AFMWorkshop fully understands the challenge and we offer new professors special discounts on our instrument to help get their laboratory started. If you are starting a lab, and want our help, Contact Us
  • Trade-ins - Several laboratories have old atomic force microscopes that are not functional. This may because the scanners are broken, the computers are not working, or there is no training available for the AFM operation. Often the instruments manufacturer wants more money to fix the AFM than a new AFMWorkshop AFM costs. We offer a special trade-in discount for instruments from Digital Instruments, TopoMetrix, Veeco, Park, and Ambios. Contact Us
  • Probe Discounts – AFMWorkshop in collaboration with the largest AFM probe manufacturer offers discounts on AFM probes for vibrating and non-vibrating mode. These discounts are available only to operators in North America. Visit our Probe Shop to view our probe discounts Probe Shop