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What can Atomic Force Microscopy do for you?

Learn how to use this technique to enhance your business!



The Bridge presents this online short course introducing Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) as part of our exciting ‘Engineering Topics Series’.

This course is the perfect introduction to AFM and its applications.

Our specialists will guide you through AFM’s cross-disciplinary applications and operation, ultimately demonstrating how surface characterisation and analysis can help your business. Experts in the field, will be on hand to help you help yourself by providing cutting-edge technology, expertise, and networks to boost your business.

But wait...What is Atomic Force Microscopy?

AFM is a powerful imaging and measurement technique, enabling high-resolution, non-optical visualisation of almost any type of surface. Our specialist technology allows for accurate and non-destructive analysis of a surface’s properties from micro- to atomic scales.

AFM uses the method of ‘feeling the surface’ using mechanical probing. One of the main advantages of AFM compared to the typical methods of microscopy includes the ability to provide 3-dimensional topography of the surface. The industries which benefit from AFM and the information derived from its use include manufacturing, engineering, or material science-based companies.

How is the course structured?

The course will be organised over two days. You will be introduced to the microscopes, exploring how they work, some typical industrial applications, and how to prepare samples. Day 2 focuses on the operation, data processing, and analysis. This will further support you in learning the advantages of AFM and how the application will benefit you and your business.


Okay, I’m listening. How can The Bridge help me and my business?

Course attendees will get a significant CPD opportunity, access to AFM industry experts, and will receive a thorough grounding in the technique as well as benefiting from:

  • Free technical consultation and access to academic expertise
  • Building skills and knowledge, driving innovation, and giving your business that competitive advantage
  • Opportunities for networking

Am I eligible?

Anyone can attend this course, but Greater Lincolnshire-based SMEs may be eligible for free places - please contact us to discuss eligibility criteria.

The Bridge Advanced Engineering R&D Centre is a collaborative scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Greater Lincolnshire LEP, and the University of Lincoln.

The Bridge aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between Greater-Lincolnshire businesses, local experts, and academics associated with the University of Lincoln.


Delivered by an expert in the field...

Meet your course instructor, Dr Peter Eaton Here’s what he has to say about this course:

“The tutors of this course have a broad experience in AFM applications, covering materials science, physics, nanotechnology, industrial applications, semiconductors, chemistry and biochemistry and biology. We have worked directly with a wide range of industries developing new applications for AFM for more than 30 years. Our aim is to cover all areas AFM can be applied in, with a specific focus on materials and industrial applications. The course will include open discussion with the learners of their specific areas of interest.”


Want to secure your place? The course will be delivered in-person and via Teams between 22nd-23rd June 2022 so you have easy access to the content wherever you may be.


For sign-up details please visit:


Questions? Find out more...

Not sure if the course suits your business’ needs? Have some questions? Contact us:
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