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Spring Renewal! Upgrades & Refurbs for AFMWorkshop Customers

Upgrade your TT or TT-2 to an HR AFM

AFMWorkshop introduces trail-blazing enhancements to our Atomic Force Microscope products, and newly designed AFMs for Research, Industry and Education. Customers with older units can easily upgrade. Check out the HR AFM or the HR-2D AFM. Contact Us or visit our Site for more info!

Upgrades & Refurbs @

HR AFM System



Refurbish your Older AFMWorkshop AFM

It happens. Time went by, a pandemic thwarted plans, students and professors changed, and now no one’s sure if the AFM is fully functional or up to specification anymore. For much less than the price of a new AFM, AFMWorkshop can bring your AFM back to its original factory specifications.





AFM & STEM Education

AFMWorkshop has a wide variety of AFM resources and products to help students and educators increase their understanding and use AFM technology. Visit.

AFM Educator's Cookbook


Free Education Resources

Our new AFM Educator's Cookbook offers step by step guidance on a wide variety of samples that students can prepare and run on their AFMWorkshop AFM.

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