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AFMWorkshop customer publishes in Nature

AFMWorkshop is nimble American AFM manufacturing company able to swiftly respond to customer requests - including for special builds and additions to help researchers succeed. For example, AFMWorkshop specially designed a glove box and AFM to meet the 2-D materials research requirements - as well as budgetary considerations - of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Photon Lab.

Working through multiple layers of Covid travel protocols, AFMWorkshop's President Paul West personally visited the MIT facility to install the glove box and HR+ AFM with MIT researchers Qian Song and Riccardo Comin. The noise floor of the HR+ AFM at installation was 25 picometers. Within a year, PhD candidate Song, Professor Comin, and the research of their additional collaborators was accepted for publication in the prestigious Nature journal and published in late February, 2022.

Q. Song, C.A. Occhialini, E. Ergeçen, B. Ilyas, D. Amoroso, P. Barone, J.Kapeghian, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A.S. Botana, S. Picozzi, N. Gedik & R. Comin (2022). “Evidence for a single-layer van der Waals multiferroic.” Nature 602: 601–605.

MIT researcher Qian Song next to the HR+AFM and glovebox

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