Atomic Force Microscopes


B-AFM FROM $19,500

The B-AFM is a complete system that includes a computer with software, a stage, and control electronics; everything needed for AFM scanning. The electronics are located at the rear of the B-AFM stage, and only a single USB cable is connected between the computer and the stage. For scientists and engineers with bigger ideas than budgets.

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TT-2 AFM FROM $26,450

This table-top atomic force microscope includes everything required for measuring high-resolution images. The system includes the AFM stage, EBox, control computer, cables, software, manuals, probes, certification, scanner, video microscope and tools

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NanoProfiler Atomic Force Microscope

NP-AFMFROM $37,995

The NP-Atomic Force Microscope is a complete nanoprofiler tool including everything required for scanning samples: microscope stage, electronic box, control computer, probes, manuals, and a video microscope. Samples as large as 200 mm X 200 mm X 20 mm are profiled by the NP-AFM system, and several stage options are available for many types of samples.

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Life Sciences Atomic Force Microscope

LS-AFM FROM $53,950

The LS-AFM is a tip-scanning Atomic Force Microscope designed specifically for life science applications when paired with an inverted optical microscope. The product includes everything required for AFM scanning: AFM Stage, Inverted Microscope Adaptation Plate, Ebox, Manuals, Cables, and AFM-Control Software. The LS-AFM may be purchased in two different configurations.

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product sa-afm

SA-AFM FROM $36,345

Use the SA-AFM for scanning life science samples, large samples, routine scanning of technical samples, or for nanotechnology research. The SA-AFM is a complete system and includes everything required for scanning all sizes and shapes of samples. It is easily integrated with all manufacturer’s inverted microscopes.

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