Our Experts are:

Dr. Dalia Yablon

Areas of Expertise: Nanomechanics, Polymers, Materials Science, Metrology, Phase Imaging, Force Spectroscopy, Topography

Dalia Yablon holds an A.B. in Chemistry from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University. She spent 11 years at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering’s Corporate Strategic Research, its flagship research center in Annandale NJ. At ExxonMobil, she served as Program Leader in various sectors of the energy business and developed a state of the art scanning probe microscopy/nanoindentation laboratory for nanoscale characterization of surfaces and interfaces. She has worked in a number of cross-sector areas including polymers, tribology, lubrication, corrosion and unconventional gas resources with a specific focus on developing new nanomechanical characterization methods. In 2013, Dalia founded a scientific consulting company in the greater Boston area, SurfaceChar, a surfaces and interfaces characterization, measurement, and educational/training consulting service with a focus on scanning probe microscopy/atomic force microscopy. Dalia’s edited book, “Scanning Probe Microscopy in Industrial Applications” was published in 2013 by Wiley.

contact: dalia@afmworkshop.com

Dr. Peter Eaton

Areas of Expertise: Nanoparticle characterisation, Biological cells, including bacterial, parasites, and mammalian cells. Biomaterials. Polymers. Biomolecules. Lipid bilayers. Force Spectroscopy and Nanoindentation.

Dr. Peter Eaton is a recognised expert in the field of atomic force microscopy (AFM). He is the co-author of the book “Atomic force Microscopy” (OUP, 2010), the leading book about this technique. He has worked in the field for approximately 18 years, and is the co-author on more than 40 publications addressing AFM applications and methods. He has worked with a wide variety of AFM instruments and has worked on AFM in the UK, USA, France, Brazil, Spain and Portugal. He administers the annual Porto Atomic Force microscopy training course. He is currently an Auxiliary Researcher at Requimte / University of Porto, Portugal, and also a Special Invited Researcher at CNPq / UFPI, Brazil.

contact: peter@afmworkshop.com

Dr. Paul West

Areas of Expertise: AFM Instrument Design, ​Vibration Isolation, Instrument Modifications, Product Development​

Paul started working with scanning probe microscopes in 1983 when he built one of the world’s first scanning tunneling microscopes at the California Institute of Technology. He is the founder of several AFM companies and microscopes designed by Paul are used in thousands of laboratories throughout the world. He holds over 20 patents for innovative instrument designs.

contact: paul@afmworkshop.com