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Atomic Force Microscopy Research Applications


Our AFMs Have High Performance:

The first consideration when purchasing an AFM is answering the question:"will the AFM measure the images needed for my research project?" AFM images from our microscopes demonstrate exceptional performance.



Our Customers Publish With Images From Our AFMs:

The best proof that our AFMs are successfully used by customers for carrying out world-class research projects is our customer publications list.



Our Products are Reliable and Robust:

AFMWorkshop values performance and reliability over an appealing cosmetic design. The simplicity of our designs results in products that are reliable and robust so that once installed you don't have to worry about costly repairs.



Our AFMs are Affordable:

An AFM for research projects used to cost more that $100,000. But now with AFMWorkshops innovative AFM designs, you can purchase an AFM for doing research for less than $50,000. As a researcher with limited funds, it is essential that you purchase an AFM that you know will meet your requirements.



Our Customer List Continues to Expand:

AFMWorkshop has over 300 AFMs installed throughout the world and every year we add more customers.                                    



Atomic Force Microscopes We Recommend For Researchers:

TT-2 AFM From $29,000

The TT-2 AFM is an analytical AFM that is useful for both research projects and educating students. It includes research grade optics, several scanner options, and proprietary 28 bit scanning technology. The noise floor the TT-2 is less than 0.150 nm in a typical laboratory environment.

The Table Top Atomic Force Microscope by AFMWorkshop

HR AFM From $39,000

With a noise floor of less than 0.035 nanometers, the HR AFM is designed for the most demanding AFM applications. It includes a research grade top view optic and an off axis optic for viewing the tip sample distance.

The High Resolution Atomic Force Microscope by AFMWorkshop

HR-2D From $35,000

The HR-2D is a powerful, affordable and robust AFM designed for imaging low dimensional and 2-D materials. It has a small footprint (7" X 7") and is easily accommodated in a glove box.


LS AFM From $55,000

An LS AFM combines an AFM and Inverted light microscope for life science applications including imaging cells in air and liquids as well as measuring force distance curves. The sample and cantilever are veiwed from the bottom with the ILM and from the top with the 7:1 zoom optic.

The Life Sciences Atomic Force Microscope by AFMWorkshop


Reasons Researchers purchase AFMWorkshop Atomic Force Microscopes:

  • New professors - We support new professors with an additional discount beyond the academic discount. Starting a new lab as an assistant professor is a daunting challenge. You must teach classes, establish a research plan, recruit students, and with limited funds buy the equipment needed to successfully complete your first research projects. Because AFMWorkshops AFMs are the most affordable high performance AFMs in the world, we are a great choice.
  • Not satisfied relying on a central AFM facility - Central research facilities are a great resource if you only need to scan a sample with an AFM a few times a year. But often research projects require routine AFM scanning which is too costly and inconvenient to do in a central research facility. Having an AFM in your lab gives you immediate access to AFM scans.
  • An old AFM stopped working - AFMs purchased more than 15 years ago from Molecular Imaging, Digital Instruments, Veeco, Pacific Nanotechnlogy, Park and Topometrix are coming to the end of their productive use. Quotes for getting the AFMs repaired, if they can be fixed, can be more than $30,000. Often Researchers can buy a new AFM from AFMWorkshop for less than the cost of repairing the older unit.


Selected Research Topics:

AFMWorkshop AFMs are currently used in a vast number of research labs throughout the world common research fields are:


Life Sciences



2D Materials


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