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Atomic Force Microscope Manufacturer

AFMWorkshop STEM Program

AFMWorkshop STEM Program

An effective method to prepare students for careers in STEM is through providing hands-on experience with scientific tools, such as an atomic force microscope (AFM).

Help your Students visualize the world at the nanoscale!

With a TT-2 AFM or B2-AFM in your lab, your students can:

  • Develop advanced hands-on microscopy skills and an appreciation for micro and nanoscale imaging
  • Gain a solid foundation for technical careers and/or higher education in STEM
  • Learn about nanotechnology and other advanced scientific concepts
  • Participate in award-winning research projects

Why just talk about it when you can actually do it? AFMWorkshop’s B-2 AFM and TT2-AFM provide affordable and easy entries into the world of probing and imaging surfaces, forces, and objects that are unsuitable for standard optical microscopes. Atomic force microscopy also provides a strong interdisciplinary foundation for more complex characterization techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

The atomic force microscope is credited with the birth of nanotechnology - and its inventors won the 1986 Nobel Prize just a few short years after their technology was realized!

AFMWorkshop’s tools provide hands-on learning opportunities that are not possible with more expensive AFMs.

Students learn so much more by spending time with a tool and a method – why rely on scheduling trips to, or time online with, a shared lab facility? Large shared facilities can have some amazing equipment, however undergraduate students and senior high school students are not often permitted to use this equipment.

AFMWorkshop has intentionally designed the educational AFMs to be affordable enough so that many institutions can now have their own AFM in their own lab.

Several educational customers of AFMWorkshop have purchased multiple units of our AFMs and had hundreds of students work with the same robust and affordable instruments for over 10 years! They’ve designed their labs to enable multiple groups of students to touch, analyze and learn.



Through using atomic force microscopes, students will increase their understanding of:

  • Conceptual and experimental designs of scanning probe and atomic force microscopy
  • Using a computer-controlled instrument to image surfaces and objects that are too small for optical microscopes
  • Changing software parameters to control and improve image quality
  • How sample surfaces can be probed, measured, and imaged
  • Using micro tools and performing tasks like sample mounting, cantilever tip exchange, keeping samples clean and dust-free
Hands-On Learning

AFMWorkshop has multiple educational resources to help you add AFM education in your High School or University. We also will work with teachers and professors to help you feel comfortable presenting the technology.

Hands-On Learning STEM Program



Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) are the most accessible platform for educators who want to help students understand the importance of visualizing, measuring and manipulating nanostructures. AFMWorkshop's unique combination of hands-on AFM tools and AFM education resources can greatly assist students who anticipate careers in variety of STEM fields.


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