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SQ Box

The SQ Box is a small acoustic isolation box for atomic force microscopes. It is designed to work with several vendors structural isolation platforms.

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Model ID: SQ Box

  • Isolates AFM from sound vibrations
  • Compatible with structural vibration isolation platforms
  • Fabricated from rugged HDPE


Sound Isolation

The walls of the SQ-Box, fabricated from 3/4” HDPE, are covered with 1” dampening foam. This combination gives reliable sound reduction inside the Q-Box. The HDPE structure is not susceptible to chemical and environmental degradation.


Compatible with Structural Vibration Solutions

For small AFM's such as the HR-2D AFM, a 12" X 12" MINUS-K table fits on the inside, and for larger AFMs such as the TT-2 and HR AFM, the SQ BOX fits on the 28" X 20" MINUS K vibration table. Additionally, the SQ Box can readily fits on vibration platforms for vendors such as Newport, THOR Labs, and Kinetic Systems.


Unique Sliding Door

At the right is a picture of the SQ Box with an HR AFM inside. The front door slides up and down which give maximum access to the AFM for sample and probe exchange. At the back of the SQ Box is an access port with strain relief for cables connected to the back of the AFM.

SQ Box



Width Depth Height Weight
Inside Dimensions 12" 13" 20" 36 Lbx
Outside Dimensions 16” 17” 24"




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