AFM Workshop

Q-Box LS

Q-Box LS accommodates both an AFM on an inverted optical microscope and an active vibration table. At the rear of the enclosure is a large opening for access to the light source used for fluorescent microscopy.

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Model ID: AC-LS7860

The Q-Box LS is a turnkey solution for scientists that need to measure either AFM images or Force/Distance curves on an AFM mounted on an inverted light microscope. The enclosure includes an active vibration table for filtering structural vibrations. Walls of the enclosure are fabricated from 3/4” HDPE covered with acoustic foam. HDPE is a rugged, structurally sound material that is inert to chemicals. 


Width 22” 22”
Depth 42” 42”
Height 36” 23”
Weight 150 Lbs 75 Lbs




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