Vibration Solutions

Atomic force microscope vibration solutions offer a way to reduce external vibration that often cause fuzzy AFM images. AFMs are quite susceptible to external vibrations, which allows them to measure topographic data at resolutions below 0.1 nanometers. To reduce external vibrations and obtain the highest-quality AFM images, particularly for high-resolution scanning, AFMWorkshop has designed a variety of proven options for vibration isolation including: vibration tables, vibration enclosures, bungee options, and even custom/OEM enclosures.

Acoustic and structural vibrations degrade the resolution and overall performance of an Atomic Force Microscope. External vibration can affect the resolution of scans by adding extra noise. Vibration Isolation Our Solutions filters out unwanted acoustic structural vibrations that interfere with high-resolution scanning.

Acoustic vibrations are reduced by placing the microscope in an acoustic isolation chamber. Structural vibrations are reduced by using a mechanical isolation platform. Below are the vibration solution products offered by AFMWorkshop.


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