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AFMWorkshop Upgrades and Refurbs

AFMWorkshop continues to innovate new products with improved capabilities and specifications. Whenever possible we offer upgrade paths for our existing customers so that they can have the latest advances in AFM. Additionally, for customers who have older abandoned or dormant systems, we can refurbish these older AFMs and factory certify them. Upgrades and Refurbs also come with new warranties.

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Upgrade a TT or TT-2 AFM to HR AFM


Upgrade TT or TT-2 to HR AFM

The TT or TT-2 stage is upgraded from the direct TT drive design to the HR AFM kinematic design. All of the features of the HR AFM are included in this upgrade including the off axis video camera, and the rapid approach feature. Also, this upgrade includes replacement of the 14 bit ADC national instruments card with the 16 bit national instruments card. The computer is upgraded from Windows 7,8 to windows 10 and the AFMControl software is upgraded to our latest version 4.x.

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Refurbish an older AFM


Refurbish AFM

AFMs can be abandoned when a group of trained students graduates or a professor leaves a university for another position. For much less than the price of purchasing a new AFM we are able to refurbish the AFM so that it meets the original factory specifications. For this service send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; include a picture and the serial number of the AFM you want refurbished. Once this information is received we will provide a quote for the work as well as a quote for training if it is required.


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