AFM Workshop

Online Installation and Training

Online Training for new AFM operators who own AFMWorkshop products is offered on as-needed basis for a modest fee. The training lasts for approximately six hours, generally structured in three sessions of approximately two hours each.

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The topics for each session are:

  • Session 1: AFM Theory; Probe Exchange
  • Session 2: Measuring images in vibrating and non-vibrating mode; Image Processing
  • Session 3: Calibrating and Noise floor

The training course is supplemented with power point presentations as well as instructional videos showing the steps necessary to measure an AFM image. During the training we focus on scanning a standard test pattern with new probes. Customers may need to purchase the reference sample and probes before the training.

At the end of the training, participants learned the basic skills required for operating an AFMWorkshop AFM.


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