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AFM Probes

Atomic Force Microscope Probes

Atomic Force Microscopy Probes are used for all atomic force microscope applications, and are operated in vibrating (tapping), non-vibrating (contact), lithography, conductive and magnetic AFM, as well as force distance scanning. AFM Probes are nanofabricated using highly-doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility, robustness, and sharpness, giving consistent high-quality AFM images.

AFMWorkshop offersAFM probes from the largest international probe manufacturers at discounted prices. These probes are available to US customers that own AFMWorkshop products only.

Vibrating Mode Probes

Vibrating Mode Probes are designed for vibrating mode (non-contact, tapping mode, intermittent contact, and/or close...

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Non Vibrating Mode Probes

Non Vibrating Mode Probes are designed for non-vibrating, contact mode applications and are compatible with most...

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