International Adaptation Kit


Model: IA-2012

AFMWorkshop manufactures its Atomic Force Microscopes within the United States of America. While many of our customers are located outside the USA, there are some additional fees associated with selling instruments abroad.

Download International Adaptation Kit IA-2012 Datasheet

The International Adaptation Kit covers added international expenses, and includes the following:


Instruments used outside the United States are operated at a differing voltage and frequency than those instruments used within the USA. Additional testing is required to assure that the AFM will function properly when delivered to customer sites outside the USA.


Additional documentation and administrative support is necessary to handle packages being shipped outside the USA. These logistics include arranging for shipments, freight forwarders, preparing forms and working with the export control agency in the United States.


Whether shipped by air freight or standard freight, packages shipped outside the USA are often subjected to extreme vibration,temperature and handling conditions. Pallets and additional customized packaging may be necessary to ensure the integrity of the shipment.


Financial transactions between U.S. banks and banks outside the USA have substantial fees and often incur delays. The International Adaptation Kit allows AFMWorkshop to recover these and other fees associated with shipping products outside the USA.

The International Adaptation Kit does not cover freight/shipping fees, import taxes, and fees that may be charged by AFMWorkshop authorized distributors for instrument installation. We recommend you work with your local AFMWorkshop Distributor to arrange a final quote that includes instrument cost, international adaptation, and installation fees.



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