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The Price of Atomic Force Microscopes and AFMWorkshop's Price List


The Price of Atomic Force Microscopes

There’s a wide range in the purchase price of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for general laboratory use, usually somewhere between $20,000 and $300,000.

The amount the AFM costs depends on the features and capabilities of the instruments. Typically, AFMs costing less than $30,000 are used for educating students on the operation and application of AFM. The mid-price AFM systems are generally purchased by researchers who want AFM imaging capabilities but do not necessarily want to become AFM “experts”. Those AFMs priced over $100,000 are generally purchased by AFM experts who require very advanced capabilities.

Some of the key differences in the AFMs at different price brackets are explained below:


$20K - 30K AFMs - Cell phone type Optics
- Noise floor > 250 picometers
- Limited modes available
- Basic Atomic Force Microscope
$30 K - 100 K AFMs - Table top (TT-2) Atomic Force Microscope
- High Resolution Atomic Force Microscope
- Atomic Force Microscope for Atomically Flat Samples
- Life Sciences Atomic Force Microscope
- Nano-Profiling Atomic Force Microscope
- Standalone Atomic Force Microscope
$100 K - 300 K AFMs - Motorized sample position stage
- Automated Focus
- Noise floor <50 picometers
- Advanced options for specialized research
- Automated software features
- Life Sciences Atomic Force Microscope


AFMWorkshop's Price List


Model Description
TT-2 AFM From $26,000 to $78,000
TT-2 AFM Table Top AFM (requires 15, 50 or 100 micron scanner)
TT-2 AFM Kit Kit of TT-2 AFM (requires 15, 50 or 100 micron scanner)
TT-2 Advanced AFM Research configuration of TT-2 AFM
DO-2010 Documentation Package for TT-2 AFM
LI-2010 Environmental Cell for TT-2 AFM
MF-4456 Focus Assist for TT-2 AFM
HR AFM From $39,950 to $87,000
HR AFM High Resolution AFM (requires 15, 50 or 100 micron scanner)
DD-HR Direct tip approach and focus assist for HR AFM
DO-2020 Documentation Package for HR AFM
HR and TT-2 Scanners and options From $3,780 to $4,995
HR and TT-2 Scanners and options 50 Micron XYZ Piezo Scanner for TT-2 or HR AFM
PS-2011 15 Micron XYZ Piezo Scanner for TT-2 or HR AFM
PS-2019 100 Micron XYZ Piezo Scanner for TT-2 or HR AFM
DS-SSAFM Dunk and Scan for TT-2 or HR AFM
HR-2D AFM From $33779 to $52,366
HR-2D AFM AFM for 2D materials(requires H15, H50 or H100 micron scanner)
H-15 15 micron XY and 7 micron Z scanner for HR-2D AFM
H-50 50 micron XY and 17 micron Z for HR-2D AFM
H-100 100 micron XY and 17 micron Z for HR-2D AFM
B-2 AFM From $23,950 to $39,965
B-2 AFM Basic AFM
AFM-Cont AFMControl software for the B-2 AFM
NP/LS/SA AFM From $41,340 to $99,450
NP AFM-4012 Tip Scanning AFM 2” X 3” stage (requires Z scanner)
NP AFM-4022 Tip Scanning AFM 8” Vacuum Chuck (requires Z scanner)
SA AFM Tip Scanning AFM, Open Sample Stage (requires Z scanner)
LS AFM-A Life Science AFM with
LS AFM-B Life Sciences AFM with Inverted Microscope
DO-2012 Documentation Package for NP/SA/LS AFM
DS-NPSA Dunk and Scan for NP/SA/LS
TS-Z16 Tip Scanning Z with Strain Gauge/16 microns
TS-Z7 Tip Scanning Z/7 Microns
LS-Heat Heated Liquid Stage for LS AFM
Installations and Customer Service From $5,995 to $9,995
IT-2011 On Site Installation
IT-2213 On Site Installation/Training – International
WA-2011 Extended Service Contract
MO-1299 Modes Installation and Training
Modes From $995 to $4,995
CA-2011 Conductive AFM (C-AFM)
MFM-01 Magnetic Force Microscopy
LITHO Lithography
ADV-FD Advanced Force/Distance
ISFVEM Force Distance Curve Analysis Software
EFM-2017 Electric Force Microscope (EFM)
STM-2017 Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
SKPM Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy
Accessories, Components and Probes From $290 to $14,049
IL-3478 Image Logger
CS-3230 EBox
ACLA-10-W Vibrating Mode Probes
BB-4445 Break Out Box
7-Step 7 Step Software
User I/O User input/output Option - Additional ADC-DAC
MM-F/D Analysis Package for F/D curves
Vibrating - WS Probes for vibrating mode (non-contact, tapping etc.)
Non Vibrating - WS Probes for Non-vibrating
Vibration Solutions From $300 to $9,979
Q-Box Isolation Cabinet For AFM (TT,NP,SA,HR)
Q-Base Base for Q-Box
SQ-Box Small cabinet for use with vibration isolation tables
Q-Box LS Isolation Cabinet for LS AFM
Q-Box Glove AFM Glove Box
PP-1101 Passive platform
Customer Service-Repair From $125 to $9,950
Hour-R Hourly repair rate
Sample Scanning Refurbish Refurbish Sample Scanning AFM
Tip Scanning Refurbish Refurbish Tip Scanning AFM
Upgrade TT Upgrade TT to HR AFM
Eng Engineering Time for Development - Hourly

* The above Price List is Applicable for Items Purchased Within the USA Only. International Pricing May Vary Due to Taxes, Import Fees, Handling and Other Charges


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