Atomic Force Microscopes

Atomic Force Microscopes and AFM Systems manufactured by AFMWorkshop are designed with the essential scanning features for obtaining high-quality AFM images at high resolution, along with a flexible scanning software developed in LabVIEW. These modular AFMs are useful in a variety of research, industry, and educational settings. Applications include nanotechnology, life sciences and biology, process development and control, polymer characterization, and other areas of science and engineering. With resolution as low as 0.08 nanometers, these atomic force microscopes offer the highest performance to price ratio in the industry. Our AFMs are the best for Education, Biology, Medicine and other Life Sciences, Nano-Profiling, nanoparticles characterization as well as for highly-demanding applications across all nano industry.


Table Top Atomic Force Microscope
For demanding applications
This compact, second generation tabletop Atomic...

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Nano-Profiling AFM
For process control and development
The NP-AFM is a nanoprofiler for analysis of features...

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Life Sciences AFM
For soft-sample applications
The LS-AFM is used in life sciences applications when an...

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Standalone AFM
For large samples and industry
The SA-AFM is a flexible AFM for scanning all sizes and...

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Basic Atomic Force Microscope
For routine scanning and education
The B-AFM is a complete system that includes...

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AFM Money Back Guarantee

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AFMWorkshop Provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee

If our AFMs can't run your application, we will refund the full purchase price!

Additionally, our AFMs are now backed by a two-year, return-to-factory warranty. 

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