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100 Micron AFM Scanner

The 100 micron scanner is interchangeable with the 50 and 15 micron scanners in the TT-2 AFM and the HR AFM. This scanner is optimal for scanning large surface features.

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Model: PS-2019

The PS-2010, PS-2011, and PS-2019 piezoelectric scanners are designed for use with the AFMWorkshop TT-2 AFM and HR AFM. With these scanners sample is translated in the X, Y, and Z axis. All three products use temperature compensated strain gauges for linearizing scans in the X and Y axis. The PS-2010, and PS-2019 have a temperature compensated strain gauge in the Z axis, while the PS-2011 does not. Each of these three scanners use a modified tripod design for creating motion in the XY axis. Motion is generated through a lever arm. The lever arm in the 50 µm scanner is approximately 5:1 and in the 15 µm scanner it is 1:1. Animations on the AFMWorkshop website illustrate how the scanners operate. Each scanner contains a PC board with circuits for measuring ceramic motion with the strain gauge, as well as a 20 pin ribbon cable connector. The scanners are attached to the XY manual positioner with three M6 socket head screws.


Download 100 Micron Scanner Datasheet


Sample Holding Stage

Mounted on standard AFM metal disks, samples are held on an aluminum metal plate with two magnets. As shipped, the sample holder is electronically grounded to the microscope stage to help eliminate unwanted effects from sample charging. Included with each scanner is a leveling sample puck. The puck enables samples to be leveled, reducing the AFM image background bow to less than a few nanometers. The leveling sample puck is magnetically held to the sample stage, and has three set screws to level the puck relative to the XY scan axis.


The 15 µm, 50 µm and 100 micron and scanners are interchangeable. The scanners are removed from the TT-2 AFM and the HR AFM stage by simply unscrewing three M6 socket head screws and unplugging a 20 pin ribbon cable. It takes less than 5 minutes to remove one scanner and to replace it with the other scanner.


XY Range
100 µm
Z Range
>7 µm
XY Strain Gauge
Z Strain Gauge
Open Loop Z Resolution
• Measured
0.15 nm
Open Loop XY Resolution
• Engineering
• Measured
< 0.01 nm
< 1 nm
Closed Loop XY Resolution
• Measured
< 3 nm
Z Strain Gauge Resolution
1 nm
XY Linearity – Closed Loop
< 1%
Z Linearity – Strain Gauge
< 1%
Z Linearity
< 5%

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