Advanced Force Distance Curves


Model: ADV-FD

diagram showing force distance curve

Force Distance Curves measure the deflection of a cantilever as it interacts with a surface. Force-Distance measurements monitor such surface parameters as: Adhesion, Stiffness, Compliance, Hardness, and Contaminate Thickness. This advanced AFM module is flexible and enables many types of experiments.

In ADV-FD mode, the probe at the end of a cantilever is moved toward a surface and then away from the surface. As the probe interacts with the surface, the cantilever bends. A deflection distance curve can be displayed by monitoring the T-B signal of the photodetector.


Download ADV-FD Datasheet

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AFMWorkshop Advanced Force Distance software module includes:

Averaging several force distance curves

Improve the signal to noise ratio of force-distance curve images by making multiple approaches of the probe to the surface.

Measuring force distance curves at multiple locations on an image

Multiple force distance curves may be measured at randomly selected locations, or on a grid of an AFM image.

Triggering with both distance and T-B signals

Either a T-B signal value or absolute distance value may be used to reverse the direction of the piezoelectric ceramic while the probe is in the repulsive region of the force-distance curve.

Independently controlling the rate of approach and retract

Controlling the rate of approach and retraction of the probe is important for certain types of experiments, and can save time when multiple F-D scans are made.

Setting a dwell time of the probe on a surface

Once the probe is resting on the surface, the movement of the probe can be monitored for a specific dwell time.


AFM Advanced Force Distance Curve

  1. Force-Distance Data display region
  2. Slider indicates the extension of the Z piezoelectric ceramic
  3. Control parameter selection options
  4. AFM Image for selecting locations for force-distance measurements