Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy Operation Techniques

Two Day Training Course, July 13-14, 2015

Taught by Peter Eaton, Ph.D. and Paul West, Ph.D.

Signal Hill, California

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It is relatively easy to measure images of samples with dimensions of 50 nm (requiring a magnification of 10,000X) or greater with an atomic force microscope (AFM). However, it's often necessary to measure images with features as small as 1 nm (requiring a magnification of 1,000,000X). Measuring images with such high magnification requires specialized skill in the operation of an AFM.

The advanced operator class is designed to help attendees learn the skills required for measuring high-resolution AFM images.  Four samples are scanned during Lab time, with each sample selected to assure a specific skill is mastered. The four samples and their associated skills are as follows:

Labwork Samples and Demonstrated Skills:

  • Silcon Test Pattern: calibrating the AFM, basic operation skills
  • Silicon Substrate: measuring noise floor
  • Nanoparticles: probe approach
  • BOPP Polymer Sample: controlling probe-sample forces

workshop advanced afm operation techniques

This two day AFM course mixes lecture with labwork on atomic force microscopy operation. While we will utilize AFMs from AFMWorkshop to teach basic concepts and demonstrate AFM operation, attendees with experience on any make or model of AFM instrument will find the labwork relevant and practical.

Location Information

Courses take place at the AFMWorkshop manufacturing facility in Signal Hill, CA. Close to Los Angeles Airport, Orange County Airport, and Long Beach Airport, Signal Hill oers a wide variety of nearby hotel accommodations. Please contact us for more information about lodging and transportation.

About the Instructors

Peter Eaton has more than 15 years experience in research using Atomic Force Microscopy. He has used a wide variety of AFM instruments in research centres and universities in the UK, France, Spain, and Portugal. He has used AFM to study pharmaceutical, chemical, materials science, nanotech and biological samples and is the author of more than twenty research publications on AFM.

Paul West has over 30 years experience with the development of atomic force microscopes. He is the co-founder of several AFM companies (including AFMWorkshop), the author of numerous AFM-related patents, and co-author of several publications on the design and application of atomic force microscopes. He served on the United States National Nanotechnology Initiative which resulted in the first major funding of nanotechnology research.

AFM experts Peter Eaton, Ph.D. and Paul West, Ph.D., are authors of Atomic Force Microscopy from Oxford University Press.

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