AFM Workshop

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Founded in 2009 by industry pioneer, Paul West Ph.D., AFMWorkshop is located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We are committed to expanding the number of labs with access to high-performance atomic force microscopes by:

  • Offering a complete line of AFMs at affordable prices.
  • Providing great training for all customers, including those with little or no experience operating an AFM.
  • Structuring transparent pricing that assures our customers pay a fair price.

We serve three groups of customers:

  • Researchers who are expanding the frontiers of knowledge by exploring the nanostructures of all types of materials - from semiconductors to cells.
  • Educators who want to expose their students to the operation and applications of atomic force microscopes in high schools, colleges and universities.
  • Companies that need an AFM to visualize and measure nanostructures in emerging industries that have new innovative products with nano-structures on their surface.



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