AFM Workshop

Built to Stay Affordable


Our atomic force microscopes are affordable, and built to stay that way.

Robust designs - Our designs are robust and can stand up to the rigors of daily use by multiple operators in a research, educational or industrial lab.

Low repair costs - Our service department is not a profit center for our company. If a customer has a problem with one of our units after the warranty period expires, our goal is to fix the AFM for the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible.

A two year warranty - Our AFMs are dependable; we back this up with a two year return to factory warranty that covers the AFM controller, stage, and computer.

Re-training programs - For the first five years of ownership, AFMWorkshop provides free re-training programs for operators. After five years, we provide training on AFM operation and applications for a small fee.

Available Trade Up Programs - We offer Trade-up programs for customers that want to move up to a higher performance AFM. For example TT-2 customers can upgrade to a HR AFM.

A Modular Design - Because our design is modular, you can add options such as modes after the initial purchase of the AFM. All of our mode options are affordable.

Money Back Guarantee - AFMWorkshop will sell an AFM to a customer only if we are confident that we can do the customers application. We back this up with a money back guarantee*.


AFMWorkshop's money back guarantee is offered with the following terms:

  • Before the purchase of an AFM from AFMWorkshop, to receive the money back guarantee, a potential customer must provide AFMWorkshop in writing a description of the specific application they will be using the AFM for. This guarantee is extended for the potential customer's disclosed specific application.
  • Before the purchase of the atomic force microscope,  after receiving a detailed desrcription of the application from the potential customer, AFMWorkshop will notify the potential customer in writing that AFMWorkshop is extending the money back guarantee for the specific application the AFM is being purchased for.
  • If requested by AFMWorkshop, before or after the sale, the customer must supply a sample to AFMWorkshop to demonstrate that the purchased AFM can do the guaranteed application. AFMWorkshop will demonstrate the application on the sample sent by the customer. If necessary, AFMWorkshop personnel will travel to the customer's facility to demonstrate the application.
  • Customers are responsible for installing the AFMWorkshop AFM in an environment suitable for AFM operation.



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