High-Value Atomic Force Microscopy For Research, Engineering & Education:

atomic force microscopy for nanotechnology research

Nanotechnology researchers often utilize atomic force microscopy for routine scanning of samples with nanostructures on their surface. The TT-AFM is ideal for these applications.

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Atomic Force Microscopy for Process Development & Control

Atomic Force Microscopy is essential for process development and control applications in advanced technology industries including data storage, semiconductor, advanced material, polymer and photonics.
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Atomic Force Microscopy for Educators

There is substantial and growing demand by students as well as professionals for Atomic Force Microscopy Training & Education. AFMWorkshop offers considerable advantages for all aspects of AFM Training.
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Innovative Atomic Force Microscopes

Atomic Force Microscopes that bridge the gap between price and performance.


TT-2 AFMFROM $26,450

This second generation table-top atomic force microscope includes everything required for measuring high-resolution images. The system includes the AFM stage, EBox, control computer, cables, software, manuals, probes, certification, scanner, video microscope and tools. Details >>


atomic force microscope nanoprofiler

NP-AFM FROM $37,995

A nanoprofiler for analysis such as surface roughness and metrology of technical samples. Primary applications for the NP-AFM include process development and process control of technical samples. Two stage configurations are offered which can easily accept many samples mounted on sample disks as well as a vacuum chuck for up to 8" wafers. Details >>


life sciences atomic force microscope LS-AFM LS-AFM FROM $53,950

The LS-AFM is a Life Sciences Atomic Force Microscope used with an inverted optical microscope for life sciences applications. The combination LS-AFM and inverted optical microscope facilitate locating cells or other bio-materials on a surface. The LS-AFM can be fitted to most inverted optical microscopes, or purchased with the AFMWorkshop inverted optical microscope. A sample holder for glass slides and petri dishes is included. Details >>

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